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All have 8 foot, 4 mounted, single elephant or chariot or 2 artillery pieces.
15mm Historical packs $6.60
ASS22, ABR1 $6.60
ASS21 $8.25


2 Horse 2 Crew $6.60
2 Horse 3 Crew $6.60
4 Horse 2 Crew (includes LAC7) $7.70
4 Horse 3 Crew $7.70
4 Horse 4 Crew (includes ASS1, HDC4) $8.80
4 Horse 6 Crew $9.90
EAS14 $8.25


IND3 $8.80
IND1, IND2, SEL9, 10, 11, 14 $9.90
CAR4, CAR5 $9.90
BUR3 $9.90
HOG16 $9.90

Early Achaemenid Persian 550-420 BC

EAC2 General’s mounted command
EAC3 Sub-general’s mounted command
BAB17 Guard cavalry
BAB16 Persian or Median cavalry
EAC1 Immortal, spear, bow, shield
BAB10 Sparabara foot Bw X
BAB11 Sparabara foot, bow
LAC3 Sparabara bow/ Bactrian bow
HOG14 Skythian cavalry
EAC4 Cyrus’ mobile tower with bow, drawn by oxen ($22.00)
For Levy: use BAB2, 5, 6
Libyans: see LIB
Indians: see IND
Thessalians, Thesbians and Greeks: see HOG
Thracians: see THR

Late Achaemenid Persian 420-330 BC

LAC1 Persian or Median cavalry
LAC2 Guard/ Satrap cavalry
LAC3 Persian bow
LAC4 Kardakes
LAC5 Guard spear, bow, shield
LAC6 Persian slinger with shield
LAC7 Scythed Chariot: horses x4
LAC8 Persian foot command
BAB15 Hillmen
BAB14 Paphlagonian cavalry

Alexandrian Macedonian

ALM1 Companion cavalry, lance
ALM2 Prodromoi, lance
ALM3 Hypaspists, spear
ALM4 Phalangite/Hypaspist pike
ALM6 Agrianian javelinmen
ALM7 Mercenary peltast
ALM8 Agrianian/Illyrian slinger with shield
ALM9 Phalangite pike

Baggage, Pack Animals and Camps

CSS1 Pack camels x2 MP V
CSS2 Pack mules x4 MP V
CSS3 Baggage cart and mule
CSS4 Oxen x4 and boy
CSS5 Assyrian siege tower, large ($39.60)
CSS6 Egyptian female water carriers x6
CSS7 Flocks: sheep and goats
CPR13 Herd of pigs and herder
BAR26 Camp followers
BAR27 Cart, oxen x2 and boy
BAR31 Druids, cauldron and screaming women
EAC4 Cyrus’ mobile tower with boy, drawn by oxen ($16.50)

Barbarians Celts, Gauls, British, Germans

BAR1 British foot command MP V
BAR2 Gallic/German foot command MP V
BAR3 Naked fanatics, swords and spears MP V
BAR5 Javelinmen, shieldless
BAR6 Axemen
BAR7 Warband with swords MP V
BAR9 Warband with spears MP V
BAR10 Gallic cavalry command V
BAR12 German cavalry
BAR13 Gallic cavalry V
BAR14 British cavalry V
BAR15 Single arch Chariot: ponies x2, Boudicca and driver
BAR16 Single arch Chariot: ponies x2, noble and driver
BAR17 Double arch Chariot: ponies x2, noble and driver
BAR18 Single arch Chariot: ponies x2, driver and warrior
BAR19 Double arch Chariot: ponies x2, driver and warrior
BAR20 German warriors
BAR22 Bowmen
BAR23 Slingers
BAR24 Nobles on foot, swords and spears MP V
BAR26 Camp followers
BAR27 Ox cart with driver x2
BAR31 Druids, screaming women etc. MP V

Camillan and Polybian Roman

CPR1 Roman cavalry
CPR2 Velite in animal skin
CPR3 Hastati with plum
CPR4 Principes in mail, pilum
CPR5 Triarii
CPR6 Foot command: officers x3, musicians x2, standards x3
CPR7 Penal legionary
CPR8 Leves light infantry
CPR9 Velite, helmet, javelin, shielded MP
CPR10 Principes sword
CPR11 Hastati sword
CPR12 Mounted command: generals x2, standards x2
CPR13 Incendiary pigs and handler

Carthaginian/ Spanish

CAR1 Libyan spearman in captured Roman armour
CAR2 Mounted command: officer, trumpet, standard, trooper
CAR3 Poeni cavalry
CAR4 Elephant: driver, tower, unarmoured javelinmen MP x2
CAR5 Elephant: driver, tower, armoured javelinmen MP x2
CAR6 Spanish cavalry, round shield
CAR7 Spanish cavalry
CAR8 Spanish cavalry, oval long shield
CAR9 Numidian cavalry, light horse MP
CAR10 Infantry command: officers x3, standards x3, musicians x2
CAR11 Poeni citizen spearmen
CAR12 Poeni/ Libyan heavy spearmen
CAR13 Libyan spearmen
CAR14 Numidian javelinmen MP
CAR15 Ligurian javelinmen V
CAR16 Chariot: horses x4, driver, javelinmen x2
CAR17 Balearic slingers MP
SCC6 Celtiberian Scutarii
SCC10 Iberian Caetrati 1
SCC11 Iberian Caetrati 2
SCC15 Lusitanian Caetrati
Other Spanish: use HOG12, 13
Other Gallic troops: use BAR
Other Italians: use ITI
Other Greeks: use HOG

Hoplite Greek

HOG1 Officers: command x2, foot x4
HOG2 Hoplites mixed types, thrusting spear
HOG3 Hoplite light type, spear raised for rear rank, Pilos helmet
HOG4 Cavalry Boetian helmet
HOG5 Thessalian cavalry
HOG6 Light cavalry
HOG7 Light javelinman (also helots)
HOG8 Slinger (also helots)
HOG9 Thracian javelinman, helmet, long shield
HOG10 Thracian Romphai and javelinman
HOG11 Paphlagonian javelinman
HOG12 Syracusian/Gaul sword, javelin, shield
HOG13 Syracusian/Spanish, pilum shield
HOG14 Athenian mercenary horse archer (Scythian)
HOG15 Hoplite, armour, Corinthian helmet (no crest), spear raised
HOG16 Mina stone throwers with 3 crew x10
HOG17 Cretan archer
HOG18 Greek peltast, half moon shield
HOG19 Light bowman
HOG20 Spartan Hoplite with transverse crest, thrusting spear
HOG21 Peltast, half moon shield, javelins and long spear
HOG22 Spartan Hoplite, pilos helmet, spear raised for rear rank

Middle and Late Imperial Roman

SPQR1 Foot command: officers x3, dracos x3, musicians x3
SPQR2 Skirmishers with sling and x bow MP
SPQR3 Equites Sagittarrii MP
SPQR4 Bolt shooter and crew
SPQR5 Legionary spear, 5th century in mail
SPQR6 Legionary sword, 5th century in mail
SPQR9 Legionary, late 2nd to early 3rd century, pilum
SPQR10 Legionary command, late 2nd to early 3rd century
SPQR11 Legionary, late 2nd to early 3rd century, sword
SPQR12 Legionary, late 2nd to early 3rd century, sword MP
SPQR13 Legionary, mid 3rd to 5th century, spear
SPQR15 Legionary, mid 3rd to 5th century, sword
SPQR16 Legionary, mid 3rd to 5th century, sword MP
SPQR19 Praetorian guard, 3rd to 4th century, sword
SPQR20 Praetorian guard, 3rd to 4th century, sword MP
SPQR22 Legio Lancairi, 4th century MP
SPQR25 Auxiliary infantry, late 2nd to 4th century
SPQR26 Auxiliary infantry, late 2nd to 4th century MP
SPQR29 Auxillia Palatina, 4th to 5th century, bear headed
SPQR33 Auxillia Palatina, 4th to 5th century, helmet MP
SPQR37 Auxillia Palatina, 4th to 5th century, fur cap
SPQR44 Auxillia bow in cap MP
SPQR45 Auxillia bow, bear headed MP
SPQR50 Mounted command: officer, draco, troopers x2
SPQR51 Mounted command: officer, Vexillum, troopers x2
SPQR60 Equites Illyricani (Promoti or Dalmatae) MP
SPQR61 Equites single pose riders
SPQR62 Equites separate arm riders
SPQR63 Catfractarii
SPQR64 Clibanarii


IND1 Elephant: General astride, driver and umbrella carrier
IND2 Elephant: General, driver, Howdah and umbrella carrier
IND3 Elephant: driver and bowmen x2
IND4 Chariot: horses x2, driver, bowmen x2
IND5 Chariot: horses x4, drivers x2, bow x2, javelins x2
IND6 Cavalry shield and javelin
IND7 Bowman MP
IND8 Spearmen
IND9 Bowmen, skirmishing
IND10 Spearmen, narrow shield
IND11 Maiden guard
IND13 Cavalry, frontal horse armour
IND14 General’s Chariot: horses x4, general, drivers x2, bowman, outriders with javelins x2

Early Italian

Etruscan, Campanian, Bruttian, Apullan
ITI1 Oscan spearman
ITI2 Hoplite: Etrusco-Corinthian helmet
ITI3 Etruscan Hoplite
ITI4 Oscan cavalry
ITI5 Campanian cavalry
ITI6 Etruscan javelinman Ps/Ax (I)
ITI7 Oscan javelinman, shield
ITI8 Apulian javelinman, shield
ITI9 Campanian Hoplite

Marian/ Early Imperial Romans

VVV1 Legionary in mail, pilum
VVV2 Legionary in Lorica segmenta, sword
VVV3 Augustan legionary, pilum
VVV4 Eastern auxiliary bowmen
VVV5 Western auxiliary bowmen
VVV6 Auxiliary regular
VVV7 Maniple command: officers x3, musicians x2, standards x3
VVV8 Legion command: officers x3, musicians x2, standards x3
VVV9 Equites Alares, regular Roman cavalry
VVV10 Officers, mounted
VVV12 Catafractarii
VVV13 Marine with pilum
VVV14 Auxiliary in mail
VVV15 Legionary in Lorica segmenta, pilum
VVV16 Vexillium standard command, mounted
VVV17 Praetorian cavalry
VVV18 Equites contarorium, lance


NUM1 General’s command, mounted
NUM2 Sub General’s command, mounted
NUM3 Roman trained regular auxiliary infantry
NUM4 Imitation legionaries
CAR9 Numidian light horse MP
CAR14 Numidian javelinmen
Elephants: use CAR4


SAR1 Cavalry in scale armour, lance and bow

Selucids and Successors

HOG1 Officers, foot and mounted
ALM1 Companions
SEL1 Agema command (as type 4)
SEL2 Agema/ line cavalry, frontal horse armour
SEL4 Agema/ line cavalry, fully armoured horses
SEL5 Tarantine cavalry
SEL6 Militia/ line cavalry
SEL7 Phalangite pike
SEL8 Argyraspid pike
SEL9 Elephant: driver and pikeman astride
SEL10 Elephant: driver, howdah, pikeman, bow and javelinman
SEL11 Elephant: driver, howdah, bowmen x3
SEL12 Paionian cavalry
SEL13 Tarantine cavalry, javelin, shield
SEL14 Elephant: driver, howdah, javelinmen x2


THR1 General/noble cavalry
THR2 Noble cavalry
THR3 Light horse javelin
THR4 Light cavalry bow
THR5 Javelinman, shieldless
THR6 Slinger
THR7 Archer
THR8 Peltast/javelinman, shield
THR9 General’s command, mounted
THR10 Sub General’s command, mounted
Other peltasts: use HOG9, 10