Range 3 Ancients

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Peter Pig


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New Kingdom Egyptian

1. New Kingdom Egyptian Bowmen
2. New Kingdom Egyptian Spearmen
3. New Kingdom Egyptian Officers
53. New Kingdom Egyptian chariot(jav crew)
54. New Kingdom Egyptian chariot(bow crew)
55. New Kingdom Egyptian Generals chariot
56. New Kingdom Egyptian Chariot runners/light troops
57. New Kingdom Egyptian shock infantry
58. New Kingdom Egyptian dead bodies
59. New Kingdom Egyptian Standards
60. New Kingdom Egyptian Musicians
61. New Kingdom Egyptian Casualties standing
62. New Kingdom Sherden


4. Midianite Javelinmen
5. Midianite camel troops(3 camels)
30. Midianite mounted command(4 )


6. Parthian Horse archers firing(1 piece)
7. Parthian Cataphracts
8. Parthian Cataphract command
29. Parthian Horse archer command
65. Parthian/Greek peltasts suitable for Parthian city militia
66. Parthian/Greek Peltast command
69.Parthian cataphract attacking/leggings
70. Parthian cataphract vertical kontos
71. Parthian cataphract standards
72. Partian cataphract camels
73. Parthian cataphract generals
74. Parthian cataphract mounted casualties
75. Parthian horse archers loading
76. Parthian horse archers firing
77. Parthian foot skirmishers
78. Parthian Dead


9. Frankish Warband


10. St Johns crossbowmen

Early Imperial Roman

12. Roman Legionary Pilum, Wreath shield
13. Roman Legionary Pilum, Cross shield
14. Roman Legionary Sword , wreath shield
15. Roman Legionary Sword, cross shield
16. Auxilliary with spear and wreath shield
17. Auxilliary with bow
18. Roman cavalry with wreath shield
19. Roman foot command officer,standards,musician
20. Roman generals mounted
21. Roman Cavalry command with wreath shields
22. Roman Auxilliaries with ribbed shields
23. Roman Cavalry with ribbed shield
24. Roman cavalry command with ribbed shield
40.  Roman Bolt shooters(2) and crew
64. Dead Romans


25. Chinese rocket launchers (4 of)


31. Tuareg on camel with lance
32. Tuareg on camel with javelin
33. Tuareg on camel with sword
34. Tuareg on camel command
35. Tuareg on camel Generals
36. Tuareg on foot with spears
37. Tuareg on foot with swords
38. Tuaregs on foot command
39. Tuaregs foot casualties


41.  Moorish Light cavalry

Early German

42. German Warband with Javelins
43. German warband leaders(Naked)
44. German Warband with swords
45. German Warband standing casualties
46. German Warband lying dead
47. German Archers
48. German warband javelins(naked)
49. German warband Heroes
50. German cavalry with javelins
51. German cavalry command
52. German Warband standards
63. German foot Generals

Odds and Sods

11. DBM Resin camp 4x4cm
26. Peasants throwing rocks
27. Pack Camels with figures
28. DBM Warship 4 x 11cm. Resin and metal kit. $16.50
67. German building in resin(square) $9.90
68. German building in resin rectangular($9.90)

Conquerors and Kings

A new set of ancient rules based on the square bashing grid system.Loads of new ideas. Includes Big battles, mercenaries, artillery,defending towns, flank marches and some good fun! Games last about 1.5 hours. $26.40