Eastern Range

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PRICING 15mm Historical packs $6.60

All have 8 foot, 4 mounted, single elephant or chariot or 2 artillery pieces.
ASS22, ABR1 $6.60
ASS21 $8.25


2 Horse 2 Crew $5.50
2 Horse 3 Crew $5.50
4 Horse 2 Crew (includes LAC7) $6.60
4 Horse 3 Crew $6.60
4 Horse 4 Crew (includes ASS1, HDC4) $6.60
4 Horse 6 Crew $8.25
EAS14 $8.25


IND3 $6.60
IND1, IND2, SEL9, 10, 11, 14 $9.90
CAR4, CAR5 $9.90
BUR3 $9.90
HOG16 $9.90


Han Chinese 200 BC – 189 AD

HDC1 Spearmen
HDC2 Infantry command: Officers on foot x2, standard bearers x6
HDC3 Crossbowmen
HDC4 Chariots and horses x4, parasol:
GA General, driver, halberdier, armoured horse
GU General, driver, halberdier, unarmoured horse
CA Crossbowman, driver, halberdier, armoured horse
CU Crossbowman, driver, halberdier unarmoured horse
BA Bowman, driver, halberdier, armoured horse
BU Bowman, driver, halberdier unarmoured horse
HDC5A Horses x2, crew x2, chariot driver, halberdier, armoured horse
HDC 5U Horses x2, crew x2, chariot driver, halberdier, unarmoured horse
HDC6 Bowman
HDC7 Cavalry with halberd
HDC8 Light cavalry lance
HDC9 Light cavalry bow
HDC10 Cavalry with crossbow
HDC11 Heavy cavalry with lance
HDC12 Infantry with halberd and shield
HDC13 Stone throwing engine and 3 crew
HDC14 Convict with spear
HDC15 Swordsmen with parrying weapons
HDC16 Tribal infantry, javelin and shield
HDC17 Dependant state / Tribal cavalry bow
HDC19 Bolt shooters, small, and crew x2
HDC20 Two-handed swordsmen
HDC21 2 horse chariot, driver and general unarmoured horses
HDC22 Shieldless halberdier


BUR 1 Mon Guard spearmen
BUR 2 Mon Guard bowmen
BUR 3 Elephant, driver and 6x bowmen
BUR 4 Javelinmen skirmishers
BUR 5 Mon Guard cavalry
BUR 6 Bowmen
BUR 8 Spearmen
BUR 9 Mounted general and escort
BUR 10 Cavalry
BUR 11 Bowmen, skirmishing
BUR 12 Crossbowmen
BUR 13 Mon Guard crossbowmen
BUR 14 Mon Guard swordsmen
BUR 15 Sub generals, mounted
BUR 16 General on elephant


TIB 1 Tibetan armoured cavalry
TIB 2 Tibetan / Nepalese cavalry
TIB 3 Nomad cavalry with bow
TIB 4 Bowmen
TIB 5 Javelinmen with shield
TIB 6 Nobles, Khambra, Irregular Cavalry S


ABR1 Arabs with spears, mounted on camels MP
ABR2 Arabs with spears, mounted on horses MP