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Hi fellow Gamers,

There have been issues contacting us through the normal means. In the meantime try this e-mail addy:





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  1. James Barton says:

    I met you up at Cancon and I wanted to get a bunch of Carthaginians. I’ve got a list against your codes. How do I place an order and pay. Thanks, James

  2. Ian Buckland says:

    Hi Mick, just wondering how to order some more chariot Napoleonic 15mm miniatures. I’m after about 15-20 packs. I live in Pakenham Victoria, understand you have been posted to N.S.W. Not Richmond by any chance? My son (captain) has just returned from his 3rd tour of duty flying Hercs. My mobile isw 0413252371 though I can be hard to catch (shift worker-ambulance), so return email or text better.
    Cheers. Ian

  3. mick says:

    Hi Ian, details and order arranged. Did you get your first shipment ok?



  4. mick says:

    Hi James, Carthaginian codes are:
    Carthaginian/ Spanish

    CAR 1 Libyan spearman in captured Roman armour
    CAR 2 Mounted command: officer, trumpet, standard, trooper
    CAR 3 Poeni cavalry
    CAR 4 Elephant: driver, tower, javelinmen MP x2
    CAR 6 Spanish cavalry, round shield
    CAR 7 Spanish cavalry
    CAR 8 Spanish cavalry, oval long shield
    CAR 9 Numidian cavalry, light horse MP
    CAR 10 Infantry command: officers x3, standards x3, musicians x2
    CAR 11 Poeni citizen spearmen
    CAR 12 Poeni/ Libyan heavy spearmen
    CAR 13 Libyan spearmen
    CAR 14 Numidian javelinmen MP
    CAR 15 Ligurian javelinmen V
    CAR 16 Chariot: horses x4, driver, javelinmen x2
    CAR 17 Balearic slingers MP
    CAR 18 Carthaginian 2 Horse Chariot
    SCC 6 Celtiberian Scutarii
    SCC 10 Iberian Caetrati 1
    SCC 11 Iberian Caetrati 2
    SCC 15 Lusitanian Caetrati

    Other Spanish: use HOG12, 13
    Other Gallic troops: use BAR
    Other Italians: use ITI
    Other Greeks: use HOG
    Let me know what you are after, and I’ll quote you. Payment can be either Paypal, Credit Card or direct payment. Email me on


  5. Davidv Entwistle says:

    Have you got
    3 x 101. Plains Indian holder (2 of) plus empty horses(6 of)

  6. john vernon Rausch says:

    how do i place a order?

  7. mick says:

    Hi John,
    e-mail me with what you are after mate. I will do a quote. Payment can be Paypal, CC or EFT. Other e-mail alternative is, or



  8. Andrew Shaw says:

    Hi Mick,
    I’m interested in your AIM range and would like to purchase a few sample packs. GHO1 Hoplites (3 pose); ANB3 British Chariots; GAL4 Galatian Chariots

    Please let me know how to place an order.
    Kind regards

  9. Kevin Provis says:

    Hi Mick
    I would like to buy some of your 10mm vikings could you please send me some photos of them first


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