All have 8 foot, 4 mounted, single elephant or chariot or 2 artillery pieces.


15mm Historical packs $7.00

ASS22, ABR1 $7.00

ASS21 $8.25


2 Horse 2 Crew $7.00

2 Horse 3 Crew $7.00

4 Horse 2 Crew (includes LAC 7) $8.00

4 Horse 3 Crew $8.00

4 Horse 4 Crew (includes ASS1, HDC4) $9.00

4 Horse 6 Crew $10.00

EAS14 $9.008.25


IND3 $10.00

IND1, IND2, SEL9, 10, 11, 14     $10.00

CAR4, CAR5 $10.00

BUR3 $10.00

HOG16 $10.00

Assyrian: 1365 BC-745 BC Early and Middle

EAS 1      Asharittu spearmen, round shield
EAS 2      Asharittu spearmen, square shield
EAS 3      Cavalry spear/shield for Pethalle team (use ASS5 for bow)
EAS 4      Asharittu bow
EAS 5      Square Chariot: horses x4, driver, Spearman and bowman
EAS 9      Dismounted chariot bowman
EAS 10    Dismounted chariot spearman
EAS 11    Levy bow MP
EAS 12    Hupshu spear

EAS 13    Hupshu bow
EAS 14    Crocodile headed battering ram $14.00
EAS 17    Round Chariot, horses x4, driver, bowman and spearman
EAS 18    Camel disguised as elephant
EAS 19    Kallapani vehicle: mules x4, driver, infantry x2
EAS 20    Asharittu/ Huradu with sword and spiked shield for reg Bd

To add variety to Command Chariots: use ACH6
Mounted scouts: use ASS20


Neo & Sargonid Assyrian

 ASS 1      Generals Chariot: horses x4, driver, general, shieldbearers/ javelinmen x2, archer, parasol canopy
ASS 3      Sargonid cavalry bowman and spearman
ASS 4      Cavalry spearman, no shield
ASS 5      Bowman armed cavalry, eg. scouts
ASS 6      Cavalry spearman and bowman
ASS 7      Cavalry spearman and bowman with horse trappings, Elite/ ordinary
ASS 8      Guard/ line spearmen, large round shield
ASS 9      Guard/ line spearmen, small convex shield
ASS 10    Guard/ line spearmen, tower shield
ASS 11    Battle array/ line spearmen, tower shield
ASS 12    Battle array/ line spearman, round shield

ASS 13    Battle array bowmen

ASS 14    Levy with sling
ASS 15    Footguard bowman
ASS 16    Auxiliary/ Levy spearman
ASS 17    Auxiliary/ Levy bowmen
ASS 18    Auxiliary/ Levy slinger
ASS 19    Bowmen, mixed poses
ASS 20    Kimmerian cavalry bow scouts
ASS 21    Arab camelry, bow riders x2 per camel
ASS 23    Large siege tower ($40)

Aramaeans: use HNH3, 12 and 15



BAB 1      Qurbuti guard infantry, spear and shield
BAB 3      Chaldean bowman with epsillion shield
BAB 4      Lydian hoplites
BAB 5      Chaldean levy infantry, tower shield
BAB 6      Chaldean levy infantry, epsillion shield
Chariots: use ASS, EAS, MIT
Cavalry: use ASS, EAS
Skythians: use ASS20, HOG14
Medes and Early Persians: use mix of BAB, LTD, ASS


Canaanite, Syrian, Ugaritic

Chariots: use MIT, ENK and BAB
Spearmen: use HNH3, 6, 8, 12, 15, EAS1, 2, 12 and MIT5
Bowmen: use HNH14, EAS4, 13 and MIT6


Egyptian, New Kingdom

Chariots: All are 2 horse 2 crew

ENK1 C Egyptian Chariot, horses with cloth

ENK1 CP Egyptian Chariot, Crew options lamellar/ dendritic horses in cloth with plume

ENK1N Chariot with unarmoured horses, crew options for lamellar/dendritic

ENK 1P Pharoahs chariot. Horses cloth and plume.

ENK 1T Egyptian Chariot, horses in scale, crew lamellar/dendritic

ENK 2 Regular spear
ENK 3 Infantry command: drummers x3, standards x3, trumpets x3
ENK 4 Regular bow
ENK 5 Regular auxiliary javelin
ENK 6 Heavy axemen DBM blade
ENK 12 Shardana guard
ENK 13 Bowmen, with slung shield, reg Psiloi
ENK 14 Light cavalry scout
ENK 18 Elite bowman
ENK 19 Bowman, scale armour
ENK 20 Marine, with spear and shield
ENK 21 Marine bowman
ENK 23 Standards, mixed x16
ENK 24 Sickle swordsman, reg BD fast
ENK 26 Statue of Anubis ($13.20)



Egyptian: Old and Middle Kingdom

OMK 1 Command group: Pharaoh, generals, standard, escort
OMK 2 Infantry command group: generals, standards, spears
OMK 3 Regular archers MP, Middle Kingdom period
OMK 4 Regular archers MP, Old Kingdom period 2550-2528
OMK 5 Spearmen, round top shields
OMK 6 Spearmen, triangular top shields
OMK 7  Javelinmen and quiver carriers
OMK 8 Menfat axemen

OMK 9 Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian Unarmoured Axemen



ELA 2      Spearmen with bow
ELA 4      Bowmen mixed poses Elamite bowmen
ASS 19    Bowmen, mixed poses MP
BAB 9      Chariot: horses – mules x4, driver and bowmen x3
BAB 7      Light cavalry, spear and bow


Early Hebrew

Simeonites and Ephraimites: use HNH3, 5, 6, 7, 15, ASS1, 12,13, 17,  MIT5, EAS1, 2, 12, 13, 20, BAB1, 5, 6
Benjamite bow: use EAS4, 13, HNH14, MIT6, HOG19, ASS13, 17
Slingers: use SUA10, HOG8, ALM 6, 8
Gadites: use ALM6, EAS12, MIT5
Isaacharians: use SUA5, HNH12
Other tribes: use mixtures of the above.


Late Hebrew

Chariots: use EAS5, 8, 15, 17, MIT also useful, and possibly ASS1 and 2
Gibborim: use BAB1, 5, 6, ASS8 and 10
Spearman: use HNH3, 5-7, 15, EAS1, 2, 12, ASS9, 11, 12, 16, MIT5
Bowmen: use HNH14, SUA9, EAS4, 12, ASS13, 17
Slingers: use HOG8, SUA10
Cavalry: use EAS3, ASS4
Also appropriate Seapeople and Philistine.



HNH 1 Hittite Chariot: horses x2, driver, bowman, spearman x 2
HNH 3 Syrian spearmen with shield, Vassal irr Ax MP
HNH 4 Syrian Chariot: horses x2, driver, spearmen and bowman (armoured/ unarmoured)
HNH 5 Hittite guard spearman (reg Ax/ irr Ax)
HNH 6 Anatolian spearman, reg Ax
HNH 7 Hittite regular spear, reg Ax (shieldless for DBM lists)

HNH 11 Axemen DBM blade
HNH 12 Syrian spear/javelin, no shield MP, irr Ax or Psiloi
HNH 14 Syrian bowman
HNH 15 Sickle swordsmen for old Hittite (17)

Hittite scouts LH (f): use ASS20 or ASS4


Extra Chariot Horses

ACH 2 No armour
ACH 3 Cloth coated as ENK1
ACH 4 Cloth and plume as ENK1 types
ACH 5 EAS type
ACH 6 EAS armoured
ACH 7 ASS type

ACH 8 Hittite Armoured Horses



KUE 1 Bowman, firing
KUE 2 Javelinman, with shield
KUE 3 Slinger
KUE 4 Cavalry, javelin and shield
KUE 5 Cavalry, some body armour, javelin and shield
KUE 7 Egyptian cavalry LH (O)
KUE 8 Early Chariots Command or Line
KUE 11 Later charioteers
KUE 12 General’s command, mounted

Egyptian cavalry LH (F): use ENK14
Chariots: use early armies ENK and MIT; late, EAS square bodies
KUE8 to 11: use the same crews with different vehicles



LIB 1 Foot command MP
LIB 2 Bodyguard mixed weapons MP
LIB 3 Javelinmen mixed weapons MP
LIB 4 Bowmen MP
LIB 5 Libyan  Chariot: Command or Line



LYD 1 General’s command, mounted
LYD 3 War dogs
BAB 12 Lydian heavy cavalry
BAB 13 Lydian heavy cavalry with horse trappers
BAB 14 Paphlagonian cavalry
BAB 4 Lydian hoplite
BAB 19 Lydian Chariot


Midianite/ Bedouin

Camels: use ASS21 and ASS22
Irregular javelinmen: use SUA5, HNH9 and HNH12
Slingers: use SUA10



Chariots: All are 2 horse 2 crew
MIT 1 Maryannu Chariot: bowman in dendritic armour
MIT 2 Vassal Chariot
MIT 5 Spearmen MP
MIT 6 Bowmen MP


Mycenaean & Minoan Greek and Trojan

MYG 1 Spearmen with tower shield PKX/I
MYG 2 Spearman with fig of 8 shield PKX/ I
MYG 3 Javelinmen, irr Ps I (Also see Libyan range)
MYG 4 Archers
MYG 5 Naked spearmen, tower shield PKX/ I
MYG 6 Naked spearmen, figure of 8 shield PKX/ I
MYG 7 Spearmen Pylian, irr aux I
MYG 8 Naked slingers
MYG 9 Swordsman with figure of 8 shield
MYG 10 Swordsman with tower shield
MYG 11 Javelinmen pelta shield, irr aux, Wb
MYG 12 Cavalry with javelin
MYG 13 Mycenaean Chariot

MYG 17 Dendritic spearman
MYG 18 Mycenaean swordsmen MPV (for Myrmidons and Lukka)
MYG19 Dendritic swordsmen MP

MYG 20 Mycenaean Levy Spear, tower shield

MYG 21 Mycenaean Levy Spear, figure-of-8 shield

Lukka warriors: use Seapeoples
Other Chariots useful for Trojans: WAT1, WAT2 both 2 horse 2 crew SEA types
Trojan Infantry- other useful figures HNH12 and HNH3



NUB 1 Command
NUB 2 Bowmen MP
NUB 3 Warband javelins, shield and throwsticks MP
NUB 4 Javelinmen Psiloi I MP



General: use MIT1
Ally General: use EAS15 or MIT3
Chariots: use EAS5, 15, MIT2, 3
Mounted scouts: use ASS20
Elite spearman: use ASS8 or BAB1
Spearmen: use EAS1, 2, HNH3
Javelinmen: use HNH12, MIT5, EAS12
Bowmen: use HNH14, ASS13, 17, EAS2, 4, 13


Saitic Egyptian

SAT 6 Levy spearmen



SEA 1 Chariot: horses x2, crew in helmet x3

SEA 2 Foot command V MP
SEA 3 Reed head-dress, spears MP
SEA 4 Reed head-dress, swords MP
SEA 5 Swept back hair, spear, no shield MP
SEA 6 Swept back hair, spears MP
SEA 7 Bowmen, reed head-dress MP
SEA 8 Sherden swordsmen MP
SEA 10 Sherden spearmen MP


Sumerian and Akkadian

SUA 1 Spearman in cape
SUA 2 Infantry command: officers x3, standards x3, axemen x3
SUA 3 Spearman in cape, with shield
SUA 4 Regular bow
SUA 5 Irregular javelinman MP
SUA 6 Battle cart Chariot, Command or Line

SUA 8 Bodyguard, axe, armed retinue
SUA 9 Martu Guti bow MP
SUA 10 Irregular singer
SUA 11 Martu Guti javelinman MP
SUA 12 Akkadian type spearman
SUA 13 Akkadian type spearman with shield
SUA 14 Straddle cart