Chariot Fantasy

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PRICING 15mm Historical packs $6.60

All have 8 foot, 4 mounted, single elephant or chariot or 2 artillery pieces.


15mm Fantasy


ELF1 King, mounted and lancers x2
ELF2 Magic group of 6 MP
ELF3 Lancers
ELF4 Guard, spear
ELF5 Wood elf, bow
ELF6 Thieves
ELF7 Sprites
ELF8 Elf, bow, armed cavalry
ELF9 Guard, bow
ELF10 Wood elf, spear
ELF11 Elf infantry command

Elven army for ‘Hordes’ – ELF1, ELF2, ELF3 x2, ELF5 x2 ($31.50)

Orcs and Goblins

GOB1 Drummers x2, standard bearer x2, Orcs x4
GOB2 Swarm of bats
GOB3 Wolf riders MP V
GOB4 Wolves x6 MP
GOB5 Goblins, small, unarmoured, mixed, weapons V
GOB9 Spiders, giant x2
GOB10 Trolls
GOB11 Orcs, armoured with standard MP V
GOB12 Orcs, armoured MP V
GOB13 Orcs, unarmoured, mixed weapons V
GOB14 Overseers with whips x6
GOB15 Goblins, winged x6
GOB16 Goblin archers
GOB17 Platform cart: wolves x2, driver, bowman
GOB18 Goblins, winged with trident x6 (these may be useful as Tengu, winged nasties from Japanese myths)
GOB19 Ogre with Club
GOB20 Ogre with
GOB21 Axe armed Ogre with sword

Goblin/ Orc army for ‘Hordes’ – GOB1, 9, 11, 12 and 13 x1, GOB2, 3 and 4 x2, and GOB5 x3 ($73)

Reptilians and Lizardmen

LIZ1 General and standard bearer in giant war turtle ($8.25)
LIZ2 Magicians and cauldron x6
LIZ3 War turtle with crossbow crew x2 ($8.25)
LIZ4 Pterosaur, flying with crossbow rider
CFB3 Pterosaur x2
LIZ5 Lizardmen with sword and shield
LIZ6 Lizardmen with trident
LIZ7 Lizardmen with halberd
LIZ8 Lizardmen with short sword
LIZ9 Lizards, armoured with sword
LIZ10 Dinosaurs with rider x4
LIZ11 Lizards, crossbow armed
LIZ12 Lizards, small, carnivorous x8, with handler
LIZ13 Dinosaurs, armoured, lance armed x4, with armoured rider

Lizard army for ‘Hordes’ – LIZ1, LIZ4-9 x1, LIZ3, 10 x2 ($66)

Skeletons and Undead

EEC1 Necromancers sowing dragons’ teeth
EEC2 Wraiths
EEC3 Chariot: vampire horses x2 MP V
EEC4 Skeletal cavalry on vampire horses
EEC5 Skeletal halberdiers V
EEC6 Skeletal bowmen
EEC7 Skeletal standard bearers and escort V
EEC8 Skeletons, scythe armed V
EEC9 Skeletal swordsmen V
EEC10 Ghouls V
For bats: use GOB2

Undead army for ‘Hordes’ – EEC1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8and 10 x1, GOB2 and EEC4 x2 ($62.50)


RAT1 Command
RAT2 Rats with halberds
RAT3 Rats with spears
RAT4 Rats with swords and shields
RAT4 More rats with swords and shields
RAT5 Bows
RAT6 Blunderbusses

Rat army: RAT1, 6 x1, RAT3 x2, RAT2, 4, 5 x3 ($67.50)

Duck Persons

QAK1 Duck with halberd
QAK2 Duck with sword
QAK3 Duck with sling
QAK4 Duck, young egg guard with sling x12
QAK5 Duck with spear

Semi-historical Egyptians

SHE1 General in sabre tooth tiger Chariot
SHE2 Magicians x6 and cauldron
SHE3 Sabre tooth tiger drawn Chariot, open sides
SHE4 Bowmen, jackal-headed x8
SHE5 Swordsmen, crocodile-headed x8
SHE6 Mummies MP x 6
SHE8 Sabre tooth tiger drawn line battle Chariot

Semi-historical Egyptian army for ‘Hordes’ – SHE1, 2, 3, 4, 5 x1, SHE3 x4 ($41.50)

Chaos Beast Men

CBM1 Snake Heads
CBM2 Cat Heads
CBM3 Croc Heads
CBM4 Hawk Heads

Fantasy Beasts

CFB1 Sabre-toothed tigers x4
CFB2 Plague of frogs
CFB3 Dinosaur, flying
CFB4 Unicorns x4
CFB5 Pegasus x3
CFB6 Bears x4
MIN1 Minotaur with axe x3
CEN1 Centaur with bow x3
CEN2 Centaur with bow, armoured x3
CEN3 Centaur with spear, armoured x3
ALC6 Giant ape
GOB2 Swarm of bats
LYC1 Werewolves
EFS1 Barbarian with random adventurers x7
TBR1 Tree beings, 5 different models (1 per pack)
MMO1 Witches coven, flying
TUS1 Valkyrie warrior maiden on flying horse x3

Wraith Kings

WRK1 Wraith kings on foot with swords x3
WRK2 Wraith kings, mounted x3

Fantasy Humans

FHM1 Dismounted Wayrider with sword


SBB1 Dwarf knight riding bear x4
SBB2 Foot command
SBB3 Ye hand gunners
SBB5 Blades: swords, axes, halberds
SBB8 Dwarves with crossbows V
SBB9 Dwarf spearpersons, helmets
SBB10 Pike with helmets


HBT1 Halfling command
HBT2 Halflings with swords, some helms, some shields MP V
HBT3 Halflings with bows MP V
HBT4 Halflings with spears
HBT5 Halflings with slings
HBT6 Halflings with farm weapons