Dark Age

Chariot Dark Ages Download version


PRICING 15mm Historical packs $6.60

All have 8 foot, 4 mounted, single elephant or chariot or 2 artillery pieces.

Dark Ages

DARK1 Mounted command: General, war horn, standard bearer, trooper
DARK2 Mounted command: Officer, war horn, standard bearer, trooper
DARK3 Noble / Bucellarii cavalry MP
DARK4 Cavalry / Gardingi MP V
DARK5 Warband foot warriors, round and oval shields MP V
DARK6 Warband foot warriors, coffin shields MP
DARK10 Bowmen MP

Early Saxons 250 – 800 AD

SAXN1 Foot Command: Nobles x3, warhorns x2, standard bearers x3
SAXN2 Noble warriors MP V
SAXN3 Peasant warband, swords and spears MP V
SAXN4 Scouts slingers MP V
SAXN5 Mass levy mixed weapons MP V
(Many figures are very useful as late Saxon basic troops)

Huns 374 – 559 AD

HUNS1 Mounted Command: General, warrior, war horn, standard bearer
HUNS2 Mounted Command: Officer, warrior, war horn, standard bearer
HUNS3 Light horse MP V
HUNS4 Light horse shooting to rear MP V

Sub Roman British 407 – 945 AD

Generals and Cavalry: use SPQR 63, 64, 50 (Classical range)
Cavalry: use SPQR 64, 60, 61, 62
Pedyt: use SPQR 25, 26, 29, 33
Bow: use SPQR 44, 45

Palmyran 260 – 273 AD, Parthians 250 BC – 225 AD

PAL1 Regular Archers
Cataphracts: use SPQR

Armenian 300 BC – 428 AD

SPQR26 Irregular javelinmen MP