Chariot Page



All have 8 foot, 4 mounted, single elephant or chariot or 2 artillery pieces.


15mm Historical packs $7.00


ASS22, ABR1 $7.00

ASS21 $8.25


2 Horse 2 Crew $7.00

2 Horse 3 Crew $7.00

4 Horse 2 Crew (includes LAC 7) $8.00

4 Horse 3 Crew $8.00

4 Horse 4 Crew (includes ASS1, HDC4) $9.00

4 Horse 6 Crew $10.00

EAS14 $9.008.25


IND3 $10.00

IND1, IND2, SEL9, 10, 11, 14                $10.00

CAR4, CAR5 $10.00

BUR3 $10.00

HOG16 $10.00


Assyrian: 1365 BC-745 BC Early and Middle

EAS 1      Asharittu spearmen, round shield
EAS 2      Asharittu spearmen, square shield
EAS 3      Cavalry spear/shield for Pethalle team (use ASS5 for bow)
EAS 4      Asharittu bow
EAS 5      Square Chariot: horses x4, driver, Spearman and bowman
EAS 9      Dismounted chariot bowman
EAS 10    Dismounted chariot spearman
EAS 11    Levy bow MP
EAS 12    Hupshu spear

EAS 13    Hupshu bow
EAS 14    Crocodile headed battering ram $14.00
EAS 17    Round Chariot, horses x4, driver, bowman and spearman
EAS 18    Camel disguised as elephant
EAS 19    Kallapani vehicle: mules x4, driver, infantry x2
EAS 20    Asharittu/ Huradu with sword and spiked shield for reg Bd

To add variety to Command Chariots: use ACH6
Mounted scouts: use ASS20


Neo & Sargonid Assyrian


ASS 1      Generals Chariot: horses x4, driver, general, shieldbearers/ javelinmen x2, archer, parasol canopy
ASS 3      Sargonid cavalry bowman and spearman
ASS 4      Cavalry spearman, no shield
ASS 5      Bowman armed cavalry, eg. scouts
ASS 6      Cavalry spearman and bowman
ASS 7      Cavalry spearman and bowman with horse trappings, Elite/ ordinary
ASS 8      Guard/ line spearmen, large round shield
ASS 9      Guard/ line spearmen, small convex shield
ASS 10    Guard/ line spearmen, tower shield
ASS 11    Battle array/ line spearmen, tower shield
ASS 12    Battle array/ line spearman, round shield

ASS 13    Battle array bowmen

ASS 14    Levy with sling
ASS 15    Footguard bowman
ASS 16    Auxiliary/ Levy spearman
ASS 17    Auxiliary/ Levy bowmen
ASS 18    Auxiliary/ Levy slinger
ASS 19    Bowmen, mixed poses
ASS 20    Kimmerian cavalry bow scouts
ASS 21    Arab camelry, bow riders x2 per camel
ASS 23    Large siege tower ($40)

Aramaeans: use HNH3, 12 and 15



BAB 1      Qurbuti guard infantry, spear and shield
BAB 3      Chaldean bowman with epsillion shield
BAB 4      Lydian hoplites
BAB 5      Chaldean levy infantry, tower shield
BAB 6      Chaldean levy infantry, epsillion shield
Chariots: use ASS, EAS, MIT
Cavalry: use ASS, EAS
Skythians: use ASS20, HOG14
Medes and Early Persians: use mix of BAB, LTD, ASS

Canaanite, Syrian, Ugaritic

Chariots: use MIT, ENK and BAB
Spearmen: use HNH3, 6, 8, 12, 15, EAS1, 2, 12 and MIT5
Bowmen: use HNH14, EAS4, 13 and MIT6


Egyptian, New Kingdom

Chariots: All are 2 horse 2 crew

ENK1 C Egyptian Chariot, horses with cloth

ENK1 CP Egyptian Chariot, Crew options lamellar/ dendritic horses in cloth with plume

ENK1N Chariot with unarmoured horses, crew options for lamellar/dendritic

ENK 1P Pharoahs chariot. Horses cloth and plume.

ENK 1T Egyptian Chariot, horses in scale, crew lamellar/dendritic

ENK 2 Regular spear
ENK 3 Infantry command: drummers x3, standards x3, trumpets x3
ENK 4 Regular bow
ENK 5 Regular auxiliary javelin
ENK 6 Heavy axemen DBM blade
ENK 12 Shardana guard
ENK 13 Bowmen, with slung shield, reg Psiloi
ENK 14 Light cavalry scout
ENK 18 Elite bowman
ENK 19 Bowman, scale armour
ENK 20 Marine, with spear and shield
ENK 21 Marine bowman
ENK 23 Standards, mixed x16
ENK 24 Sickle swordsman, reg BD fast
ENK 26 Statue of Anubis ($13.20)

Egyptian: Old and Middle Kingdom

OMK 1 Command group: Pharaoh, generals, standard, escort
OMK 2 Infantry command group: generals, standards, spears
OMK 3 Regular archers MP, Middle Kingdom period
OMK 4 Regular archers MP, Old Kingdom period 2550-2528
OMK 5 Spearmen, round top shields
OMK 6 Spearmen, triangular top shields
OMK 7  Javelinmen and quiver carriers
OMK 8 Menfat axemen

OMK 9 Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian Unarmoured Axemen


ELA 2      Spearmen with bow
ELA 4      Bowmen mixed poses Elamite bowmen
ASS 19    Bowmen, mixed poses MP
BAB 9      Chariot: horses – mules x4, driver and bowmen x3
BAB 7      Light cavalry, spear and bow


Early Hebrew

Simeonites and Ephraimites: use HNH3, 5, 6, 7, 15, ASS1, 12,13, 17,  MIT5, EAS1, 2, 12, 13, 20, BAB1, 5, 6
Benjamite bow: use EAS4, 13, HNH14, MIT6, HOG19, ASS13, 17
Slingers: use SUA10, HOG8, ALM 6, 8
Gadites: use ALM6, EAS12, MIT5
Isaacharians: use SUA5, HNH12
Other tribes: use mixtures of the above.


Late Hebrew

Chariots: use EAS5, 8, 15, 17, MIT also useful, and possibly ASS1 and 2
Gibborim: use BAB1, 5, 6, ASS8 and 10
Spearman: use HNH3, 5-7, 15, EAS1, 2, 12, ASS9, 11, 12, 16, MIT5
Bowmen: use HNH14, SUA9, EAS4, 12, ASS13, 17
Slingers: use HOG8, SUA10
Cavalry: use EAS3, ASS4
Also appropriate Seapeople and Philistine.



HNH 1 Hittite Chariot: horses x2, driver, bowman, spearman x 2
HNH 3 Syrian spearmen with shield, Vassal irr Ax MP
HNH 4 Syrian Chariot: horses x2, driver, spearmen and bowman (armoured/ unarmoured)
HNH 5 Hittite guard spearman (reg Ax/ irr Ax)
HNH 6 Anatolian spearman, reg Ax
HNH 7 Hittite regular spear, reg Ax (shieldless for DBM lists)

HNH 11 Axemen DBM blade
HNH 12 Syrian spear/javelin, no shield MP, irr Ax or Psiloi
HNH 14 Syrian bowman
HNH 15 Sickle swordsmen for old Hittite (17)

Hittite scouts LH (f): use ASS20 or ASS4


Extra Chariot Horses

 ACH 2 No armour
ACH 3 Cloth coated as ENK1
ACH 4 Cloth and plume as ENK1 types
ACH 5 EAS type
ACH 6 EAS armoured
ACH 7 ASS type

ACH 8 Hittite Armoured Horses



KUE 1 Bowman, firing
KUE 2 Javelinman, with shield
KUE 3 Slinger
KUE 4 Cavalry, javelin and shield
KUE 5 Cavalry, some body armour, javelin and shield
KUE 7 Egyptian cavalry LH (O)
KUE 8 Early Chariots Command or Line
KUE 11 Later charioteers
KUE 12 General’s command, mounted

Egyptian cavalry LH (F): use ENK14
Chariots: use early armies ENK and MIT; late, EAS square bodies
KUE8 to 11: use the same crews with different vehicles



LIB 1 Foot command MP
LIB 2 Bodyguard mixed weapons MP
LIB 3 Javelinmen mixed weapons MP
LIB 4 Bowmen MP
LIB 5 Libyan  Chariot: Command or Line



LYD 1 General’s command, mounted
LYD 3 War dogs
BAB 12 Lydian heavy cavalry
BAB 13 Lydian heavy cavalry with horse trappers
BAB 14 Paphlagonian cavalry
BAB 4 Lydian hoplite
BAB 19 Lydian Chariot


Midianite/ Bedouin

Camels: use ASS21 and ASS22
Irregular javelinmen: use SUA5, HNH9 and HNH12
Slingers: use SUA10



Chariots: All are 2 horse 2 crew
MIT 1 Maryannu Chariot: bowman in dendritic armour
MIT 2 Vassal Chariot
MIT 5 Spearmen MP
MIT 6 Bowmen MP


Mycenaean & Minoan Greek and Trojan

MYG 1 Spearmen with tower shield PKX/I
MYG 2 Spearman with fig of 8 shield PKX/ I
MYG 3 Javelinmen, irr Ps I (Also see Libyan range)
MYG 4 Archers
MYG 5 Naked spearmen, tower shield PKX/ I
MYG 6 Naked spearmen, figure of 8 shield PKX/ I
MYG 7 Spearmen Pylian, irr aux I
MYG 8 Naked slingers
MYG 9 Swordsman with figure of 8 shield
MYG 10 Swordsman with tower shield
MYG 11 Javelinmen pelta shield, irr aux, Wb
MYG 12 Cavalry with javelin
MYG 13 Mycenaean Chariot

MYG 17 Dendritic spearman
MYG 18 Mycenaean swordsmen MPV (for Myrmidons and Lukka)
MYG19 Dendritic swordsmen MP

MYG 20 Mycenaean Levy Spear, tower shield

MYG 21 Mycenaean Levy Spear, figure-of-8 shield

Lukka warriors: use Seapeoples
Other Chariots useful for Trojans: WAT1, WAT2 both 2 horse 2 crew SEA types
Trojan Infantry- other useful figures HNH12 and HNH3



NUB 1 Command
NUB 2 Bowmen MP
NUB 3 Warband javelins, shield and throwsticks MP
NUB 4 Javelinmen Psiloi I MP



General: use MIT1
Ally General: use EAS15 or MIT3
Chariots: use EAS5, 15, MIT2, 3
Mounted scouts: use ASS20
Elite spearman: use ASS8 or BAB1
Spearmen: use EAS1, 2, HNH3
Javelinmen: use HNH12, MIT5, EAS12
Bowmen: use HNH14, ASS13, 17, EAS2, 4, 13


Saitic Egyptian

SAT 6 Levy spearmen



SEA 1 Chariot: horses x2, crew in helmet x3

SEA 2 Foot command V MP
SEA 3 Reed head-dress, spears MP
SEA 4 Reed head-dress, swords MP
SEA 5 Swept back hair, spear, no shield MP
SEA 6 Swept back hair, spears MP
SEA 7 Bowmen, reed head-dress MP
SEA 8 Sherden swordsmen MP
SEA 10 Sherden spearmen MP


Sumerian and Akkadian

SUA 1 Spearman in cape
SUA 2 Infantry command: officers x3, standards x3, axemen x3
SUA 3 Spearman in cape, with shield
SUA 4 Regular bow
SUA 5 Irregular javelinman MP
SUA 6 Battle cart Chariot, Command or Line

SUA 8 Bodyguard, axe, armed retinue
SUA 9 Martu Guti bow MP
SUA 10 Irregular singer
SUA 11 Martu Guti javelinman MP
SUA 12 Akkadian type spearman
SUA 13 Akkadian type spearman with shield
SUA 14 Straddle cart


Early Achaemenid Persian 550-420 BC

EAC 1 Immortal, spear, bow, shield

EAC 2 General’s mounted command
EAC 3 Sub-general’s mounted command

BAB 10 Sparabara foot Bw X
BAB 11 Sparabara foot, bow
BAB 16 Persian or Median cavalry

BAB 17 Guard cavalry
LAC 3 Sparabara bow/ Bactrian bow
HOG 14 Skythian cavalry
EAC 4 Cyrus’ mobile tower with bow, drawn by oxen ($22.00)
For Levy: use BAB2, 5, 6
Libyans: see LIB
Indians: see IND
Thessalians, Thesbians and Greeks: see HOG
Thracians: see THR


Late Achaemenid Persian 420-330 BC

LAC 1 Persian or Median cavalry
LAC 2 Guard/ Satrap cavalry
LAC 3 Persian bow
LAC 4 Kardakes
LAC 5 Guard spear, bow, shield
LAC 6 Persian slinger with shield
LAC 7 Scythed Chariot: horses x4
LAC 8 Persian foot command

LAC 9 Persian Light Chariot, Command or Line
BAB 15 Hillmen
BAB 14 Paphlagonian cavalry


Alexandrian Macedonian

ALM 1 Companion cavalry, lance
ALM 2 Prodromoi, lance
ALM 3 Hypaspists, spear
ALM 4 Phalangite/Hypaspist pike
ALM 6 Agrianian javelinmen
ALM 7 Mercenary peltast
ALM 8 Agrianian/Illyrian slinger with shield
ALM 9 Phalangite pike

ALM 10 Alexandrian Macedonian Hypaspists

ALM 11 Macedonian or Epiroit Companion, separate arm.

Baggage, Pack Animals and Camps

CSS 1 Pack camels x2 MP V
CSS 2 Pack mules x4 MP V
CSS 3 Baggage cart and mule
CSS 4 Oxen x4 and boy
CSS 5 Assyrian siege tower, large ($39.60)
CSS 6 Egyptian female water carriers x6
CSS 7 Flocks: sheep and goats
CPR 13 Herd of pigs and herder
BAR 26 Camp followers
BAR 27 Cart, oxen x2 and boy
BAR 31 Druids, cauldron and screaming women
EAC 4 Cyrus’ mobile tower with boy, drawn by oxen ($16.50)


Barbarians Celts, Gauls, British, Germans

 BAR 1 British foot command MP V
BAR 2 Gallic/German foot command MP V
BAR 3 Naked fanatics, swords and spears MP V
BAR 5 Javelinmen, shieldless
BAR 6 Axemen
BAR 7 Warband with swords MP V
BAR 9 Warband with spears MP V
BAR 10 Gallic cavalry command V
BAR 12 German cavalry
BAR 13 Gallic cavalry V
BAR 14 British cavalry V
BAR 15 Single arch Chariot: ponies x2, Boudicca and driver
BAR 16 Single arch Chariot: ponies x2, noble and driver
BAR 17 Double arch Chariot: ponies x2, noble and driver
BAR 20 German warriors
BAR 22 Bowmen
BAR 23 Slingers
BAR 24 Nobles on foot, swords and spears MP V

BAR 25 Galatian Scythed Chariot
BAR 26 Camp followers
BAR 27 Ox cart with driver x2
BAR 31 Druids, screaming women etc. MP V


Camillan and Polybian Roman

CPR 1 Roman cavalry
CPR 2 Velite in animal skin
CPR 3 Hastati with plum
CPR 4 Principes in mail, pilum
CPR 5 Triarii
CPR 6 Foot command: officers x3, musicians x2, standards x3
CPR 7 Penal legionary
CPR 8 Leves light infantry
CPR 9 Velite, helmet, javelin, shielded MP
CPR 10 Principes sword
CPR 11 Hastati sword
CPR 12 Mounted command: generals x2, standards x2
CPR 13 Incendiary pigs and handler


Carthaginian/ Spanish

CAR 1 Libyan spearman in captured Roman armour
CAR 2 Mounted command: officer, trumpet, standard, trooper
CAR 3 Poeni cavalry
CAR 4 Elephant: driver, tower, javelinmen MP x2
CAR 6 Spanish cavalry, round shield
CAR 7 Spanish cavalry
CAR 8 Spanish cavalry, oval long shield
CAR 9 Numidian cavalry, light horse MP
CAR 10 Infantry command: officers x3, standards x3, musicians x2
CAR 11 Poeni citizen spearmen
CAR 12 Poeni/ Libyan heavy spearmen
CAR 13 Libyan spearmen
CAR 14 Numidian javelinmen MP
CAR 15 Ligurian javelinmen V
CAR 16 Chariot: horses x4, driver, javelinmen x2
CAR 17 Balearic slingers MP

CAR 18 Carthaginian 2 Horse Chariot
SCC 6 Celtiberian Scutarii
SCC 10 Iberian Caetrati 1
SCC 11 Iberian Caetrati 2
SCC 15 Lusitanian Caetrati
Other Spanish: use HOG12, 13
Other Gallic troops: use BAR
Other Italians: use ITI
Other Greeks: use HOG


Hoplite Greek

HOG 1 Officers: command x2, foot x4
HOG 2 Hoplites mixed types, thrusting spear
HOG 3 Hoplite light type, spear raised for rear rank, Pilos helmet
HOG 4 Cavalry Boetian helmet
HOG 5 Thessalian cavalry
HOG 6 Light cavalry
HOG 7 Light javelinman (also helots)
HOG 8 Slinger (also helots)
HOG 9 Thracian javelinman, helmet, long shield
HOG 10 Thracian Romphai and javelinman
HOG 11 Paphlagonian javelinman
HOG 12 Syracusian/Gaul sword, javelin, shield
HOG 13 Syracusian/Spanish, pilum shield
HOG 14 Athenian mercenary horse archer (Scythian)
HOG 15 Hoplite, armour, Corinthian helmet (no crest), spear raised
HOG 16 Mina stone throwers with 3 crew x10
HOG 17 Cretan archer
HOG 18 Greek peltast, half moon shield
HOG 19 Light bowman
HOG 20 Spartan Hoplite with transverse crest, thrusting spear
HOG 21 Peltast, half moon shield, javelins and long spear
HOG 22 Spartan Hoplite, pilos helmet, spear raised for rear rank

HOG 23 Hoplite at rest

HOG 24 Greek Armoured Hoplite, spear at 45

HOG 25 Unarmoured Hoplites spear at 45


Middle and Late Imperial Roman

SPQR 1 Foot command: officers x3, dracos x3, musicians x3
SPQR 2A  x bow MP

SPQR 2B LR Slingers
SPQR 3 Equites Sagittarrii MP
SPQR 4 Bolt shooter and crew
SPQR 5 Legionary spear, 5th century in mail
SPQR 6 Legionary sword, 5th century in mail
SPQR 9 Legionary, late 2nd to early 3rd century, pilum
SPQR 10 Legionary command, late 2nd to early 3rd century
SPQR 11 Legionary, late 2nd to early 3rd century, sword
SPQR 13 Legionary, mid 3rd to 5th century, spear
SPQR 15 Legionary, mid 3rd to 5th century, sword
SPQR 19 Praetorian guard, 3rd to 4th century, sword
SPQR 22 Legio Lancairi, 4th century MP
SPQR 25 Auxiliary infantry, late 2nd to 4th century
SPQR 29 Auxillia Palatina, 4th to 5th century, bear headed
SPQR 33 Auxillia Palatina, 4th to 5th century, helmet MP
SPQR 37 Auxillia Palatina, 4th to 5th century, fur cap

SPQR 40 Auxillia Palatina, in trousers

SPQR 44 Auxillia bow in cap MP
SPQR 45 Auxillia bow, bear headed MP
SPQR 50 Mounted command
SPQR 60 Equites Illyricani (Promoti or Dalmatae) MP
SPQR 61 Equites single pose riders
SPQR 62 Equites separate arm riders
SPQR 63 Catfractarii
SPQR 64 Clibanarii

SPQR 65 Clibinarii on armoured horses



IND2 Elephant: Command or line, driver, Howdah and umbrella carrier
IND3 Elephant: driver and bowmen x2
IND4 Chariot: horses x2, driver, bowmen x2
IND5 Chariot: horses x4, drivers x2, bow x2, javelins x2 (Suitable for General’s chariot)
IND6 Cavalry shield and javelin
IND7 Bowman MP
IND8 Spearmen
IND9 Bowmen, skirmishing
IND10 Spearmen, narrow shield
IND11 Maiden guard
IND13 Cavalry, frontal horse armour

Early Italian
Etruscan, Campanian, Bruttian, Apullan

ITI1 Oscan spearman
ITI2 Hoplite: Etrusco-Corinthian helmet
ITI3 Etruscan Hoplite
ITI4 Oscan cavalry
ITI5 Campanian cavalry
ITI6 Etruscan javelinman Ps/Ax (I)
ITI7 Oscan javelinman, shield
ITI8 Apulian javelinman, shield
ITI9 Campanian Hoplite

ITI10 Etruscan Chariot (2 horse single crew)


Marian/ Early Imperial Romans

VVV1 Legionary in mail, pilum
VVV2 Legionary in Lorica segmenta, sword
VVV3 Augustan legionary, pilum
VVV4 Eastern auxiliary bowmen
VVV5 Western auxiliary bowmen
VVV6 Auxiliary regular
VVV7 Imperial Roman foot Command

VVV9 Equites Alares, regular Roman cavalry

VVV10 Mounted Roman Command
VVV12 Catafractarii
VVV13 Marine with pilum
VVV14 Auxiliary in mail
VVV15 Legionary in Lorica segmenta, pilum
VVV17 Praetorian cavalry
VVV18 Equites contarorium, lance

VVV20 Roman Racing Chariot



NUM1 General’s command, mounted
NUM3 Roman trained regular auxiliary infantry
NUM4 Imitation legionaries
CAR9 Numidian light horse MP
CAR14 Numidian javelinmen

Elephants: use CAR4



SAR1 Cavalry in scale armour, lance and bow

SAR2 Cavalry in scale armour, unarmoured horses


Selucids and Successors

HOG1 Officers, foot and mounted
ALM1 Companions
SEL1 Agema command (as type 4)
SEL2 Agema/ line cavalry, frontal horse armour
SEL4 Agema/ line cavalry, fully armoured horses
SEL5 Tarantine cavalry
SEL6 Militia/ line cavalry
SEL7 Phalangite pike
SEL8 Argyraspid pike
SEL9 Elephant: driver and pikeman astride
SEL10 Elephant: driver, howdah, pikeman, bow and javelinman
SEL12 Paionian cavalry
SEL13 Tarantine cavalry, javelin, shield

THR1 General/noble cavalry
THR2 Noble cavalry
THR3 Light horse javelin
THR4 Light cavalry bow
THR5 Javelinman, shieldless
THR6 Slinger
THR7 Archer
THR8 Peltast/javelinman, shield
THR9 General’s command, mounted

Other peltasts: use HOG9, 10


Dark Ages

DARK1 Goth/Visigoth Mounted command:

DARK3 Noble / Bucellarii cavalry MP
DARK4 Cavalry / Gardingi MP V
DARK5 Warband foot warriors, round and oval shields MP V
DARK6 Warband foot warriors, coffin shields MP
DARK10 Bowmen MP


Early Saxons 250 – 800 AD

SAXN1 Foot Command: Nobles x3, warhorns x2, standard bearers x3
SAXN2 Noble warriors MP V
SAXN3 Peasant warband, swords and spears MP V
SAXN4 Scouts slingers MP V
SAXN5 Mass levy mixed weapons MP V

(Many figures are very useful as late Saxon basic troops)


Huns 374 – 559 AD

HUNS1 Mounted Command

HUNS2a  Noble Heavy Cav
HUNS3 Light horse MP V
HUNS4 Light horse shooting to rear MP V


Sub Roman British 407 – 945 AD

Generals and Cavalry: use SPQR 63, 64, 50
Cavalry: use SPQR 64, 60, 61, 62
Pedyt: use SPQR 25, 26, 29, 33
Bow: use SPQR 44, 45


Palmyran 260 – 273 AD, Parthians 250 BC – 225 AD

PAL1 Regular Archers
Cataphracts: use SPQR



Han Chinese 200 BC – 189 AD

HDC1 Spearmen
HDC2 Infantry command
HDC3 Crossbowmen
HDC4a  4  horse Chariot armoured (crew variety allows for command chariot)

HDC4U 4 Horse Chariot unarmoured armoured (crew variety allows for command chariot)
HDC5A Horses x2, crew x2, chariot driver, halberdier, armoured horse
HDC 5U Horses x2, crew armoured (crew variety allows for command chariot)

HDC6 Bowman
HDC7 Cavalry with halberd
HDC8 Light cavalry lance
HDC9 Light cavalry bow
HDC10 Cavalry with crossbow
HDC11 Heavy cavalry with lance
HDC12 Infantry with halberd and shield
HDC13 Stone throwing engine and 3 crew
HDC14 Convict with spear
HDC15 Swordsmen with parrying weapons
HDC16 Tribal infantry, javelin and shield
HDC17 Dependant state / Tribal cavalry bow
HDC19 Bolt shooters, small, and crew x2
HDC20 Two-handed swordsmen
HDC22 Shieldless halberdier



BUR 1 Mon Guard spearmen
BUR 2 Mon Guard bowmen
BUR 3 Elephant, Command or line, driver and 6x bowmen (same as BUR16)
BUR 4 Javelinmen skirmishers
BUR 5 Mon Guard cavalry
BUR 6 Bowmen
BUR 8 Spearmen
BUR 9 Mounted general and escort
BUR 10 Cavalry
BUR 11 Bowmen, skirmishing
BUR 12 Crossbowmen
BUR 13 Mon Guard crossbowmen
BUR 14 Mon Guard swordsmen


TIB 1 Tibetan armoured cavalry
TIB 2 Tibetan / Nepalese cavalry
TIB 3 Nomad cavalry with bow
TIB 4 Bowmen
TIB 5 Javelinmen with shield
TIB 6 Nobles, Khambra, Irregular Cavalry S



ABR1 Arabs with spears, mounted on camels MP

ABR2 Arab cavalry MP


15mm Late Medievals, 1300 onwards

YLT1 Longbowmen MP V
YLT2 Halberdiers MP V
YLT3 Men at arms, dismounted MP V
YLT4 Welsh bow MP



French 1802-1815

Line Infantry 1812-15

FRN1 Centre company, high porte
FRN1A Centre company, advancing
FRN2 Flank company, high porte
FRN3 Centre company, march attack
FRN4 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4

FRN5 Flank Company Advancing
FRN6 Flank company, march attack
High Command

FRN25 Napoleon with staff, mounted x3
FRN26 Staff, mounted x4


Line Infantry in greatcoat

FRN7 Centre company, high porte
FRN10 Flank company, high porte
FRN38 Centre company, march attack
FRN39 Flank company, march attack
FRN40 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4
Light Infantry 1812-15
FRN5 Advancing
FRN5A Command: Officers x2, buglers x2, troopers x4

Line Heavy Cavalry
FRN14 Dragoon
FRN16 Dragoon command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
FRN17 Cuirassiers
FRN18 Cuirassiers command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
FRN28  4 Pdr cannon x2
FRN29 12 Pdr cannon x2
FRN30 Foot artillery crew 1812-15
FRN31  8 Pdr cannon x2

FRN31h Howitzers x2

FRN87 Horse Artillery crew
AHU17 6 Pdr cannon x2
FRN89 Foot artillery team in shako (x3) and 6 horses $12

FRN90 Horse Artillery team and 6 horses $12
Line Light Cavalry 1804-15
FRN11 Hussar in cylindrical shako
FRN13 Hussar command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
FRN19 Polish lancers
FRN20 French  Lancer command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
FRN21  1st to 6th lancers
FRN22 1st to 6th command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
FRN58 11th (Dutch) Hussars cylindrical shako
FRN59 11th command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

Line Light Cavalry 1815
FRN41  1st Chasseur in helmet
FRN42 Chasseur command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

FRN43 Chasseur a Cheval

FRN44 Chasseur Command

FRN45 Carabiniers

FRN46 Carabinier Command

FRN58 11th Hussars (Dutch) Cylindrical Shako

FRN59 11th Hussar Command

FRN60 Elite Chasseurs

FRN61 Elite Chasseur Command
Sappers and Engineers
FRN70 Sapper in bearskin

Imperial Guard

FRN8 Old Guard grenadier, march attack
FRN9 Old Guard command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4

FRN71 Old/Middle Guard Chasseurs a Pied marching

FRN72 Old/Middle Guard Chasseurs a Pied Command

FRN73 3rd Regiment Grenadiers a Pied (Dutch Grenadiers)

FRN74 3rd Regiment Grenadiers a Pied (Dutch Grenadiers) Command

FRN75 Middle Guard Grenadier Fusiliers, marching

FRN76 Middle Guard Grenadier Fusiliers, Command

FRN77 Middle Guard, Chasseur Fusiliers, marching

FRN78 Middle Guard, Chasseur Fusiliers, Command

FRN79 Young Guard, Tirailleurs, marching

FRN80 Young Guard, Tirailleurs, advancing

FRN81 Young Guard, Tirailleurs, Command

FRN82 Young Guard Voltigeurs marching

FRN83 Young Guard Voltigeurs advancing

FRN84 Young Guard Voltigeurs Command

FRN 85 Old Guard Artillery crew

FRN86 Young Guard Artillery crew

FRN88 Guard Horse Artillery crew

FRN 91 Guard Horse Artillery team and 6 horses $12

FRN92 Guard Horse Artillery team and 6 horse $12


Battalion Packs

Normally contain 24 infatry/12 cav figs including flank company and command figs (where applicable). $20

FRNBT1 Infantry Battalion 1812-15

FRNBT2 Infantry in Greatcoat

FRNBT3 Dragoon Regiment

FRNBT4 Cuirassier Regiment

FRNBT5 Old Guard Grenadier Battalion

FRNBT6 Hussar Regiment

FRNBT7 Line Lancer Regiment

FRNBT8 Chasseur a Cheval Regiment (shako)

FRNBT9 11th Hussars (Dutch) Regiment

FRNBT10 Chasseur a Cheval with helmet

FRNBT11 Young Guard Tirailleurs Battalion

FRNBT12 Young Guard Voltigeur Battalion

FRNBT13 Carabinier Regiment


British 1801-1815

High Command

BRN27 Wellington and staff x3
BRN28 Staff, mounted

Highland Infantry in kilt 1801-15
BRN6 Centre company, high porte
BRN6A Centre company, march attack
BRN7 Flank company, high porte
BRN7A Flank company, march attack
BRN8 Command: Officers x2, standards x4, drummers x2

Line Infantry
Low Shako 1801-1812
BRN37 Centre company, high porte
BRN38 Flank company, high porte
BRN39 Command: Officers x2, standards x4, drummers x2

Stove Pipe Shako 1806-15
BRN18 Flank company, high porte
BRN18A Centre company, high porte
BRN20 Command: Officers x2, standards x4, drummers x2

Line Infantry Belgic Shako 1812-15
BRN1 Centre company, high porte
BRN2 Flank company, high porte
BRN3 Centre company, march attack
BRN4 Flank company, march attack
BRN5 Command: Officers x2, standards x4, drummers x2
Heavy Cavalry 1801-1813
BRN35 Heavy dragoon
BRN36 Dragoon command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

Heavy Cavalry 1812-15
BRN15 Scots Greys
BRN16 Greys Command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
BRN21 Household cavalry
BRN22 Household command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

BRN48 Lifeguards

BRN49 Lifeguard Command

Rifle Brigade 1801-15

BRN12 Riflemen, skirmishing
BRN14 Command: Officers x2, buglers x2, troopers x4

Light Infantry Stove Pipe Shako 1803-15
BRN19 Skirmishing
BRN19A Command: Officers x2, buglers x2, troopers x4

Light Cavalry 1801-13
BRN43 Light dragoon
BRN44 Light dragoon command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

Light Cavalry 1806-15
BRN40 Hussar in busby
BRN41 Hussar command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

Light Cavalry 1812-15
BRN23 Hussar in shako
BRN24 Hussar command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
BRN25 Light dragoon in shako
BRN26 Light dragoon command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

BRN29 9 Pdr cannon x2

BRN29h Howitzers (x2)
BRN30 Foot artillery crew 1812-15
BRN31 Horse artillery crew 1801-15
BRN34 6 Pdr cannon x2
BRN42 Foot artillery crew 1801-13

BRN45 Foot Artillery team on horses stovepipe shako $12

BRN46 Foot Artillery team on horses Belgic shako $12

BRN47 Horse Artillery team on horses $12


Battalion Packs

Normally contain 24 infatry/12 cav figs including flank company and command figs (where applicable). $20

BRNBT1 Highland Infantry Battalion

BRNBT2 Line Infantry battalion low shako, high porte

BRNBT3 Line Infantry stove pipe shako, high porte

BRNBT4 Line Infantry Belgic shako

BRNBT5 Heavy Dragoon Regt. 1801-1813

BRNBT6 Heavy Dragoon/Household Regt 1812-1815

BRNBT7 Scots Greys Regt

BRNBT8 Light Dragoon Regt. 1801-1813

BRNBT9 Hussar Regt (busby)


Prussian 1812-1815

Line Infantry

NPR1 Advancing, high porte
NPR2 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4
NPR3 Advancing, high porte, blanket roll
NPR4 Command with blanket roll: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4

NPR5 Advancing, high porte
NPR6 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4

Jagers in oilskin shako
NPR9 Skirmishers MP
NPR10 Command: Officers x2, buglers x2, troopers x4

NPR11 Advancing MP
NPR12 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4

Light Cavalry

NPR22 Hussars
NPR23 Hussar command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

Heavy Cavalry
NPR20 Cuirassiers, no cuirass
NPR21 Cuirassier command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
NPR24 Dragoon
NPR25 Dragoon command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper

High Command
NPR19 Blucher and staff
NPR31 Staff officers, mounted x4

NPR30 Artillerymen

NPR32 12 pdr (x2)

NPR33 6pdr (x2)

NPR33h Howitzer

NPR34 6x horse 3 mount artillery team

Battalion Packs

Normally contain 24 infatry/12 cav figs including flank company and command figs (where applicable). $20

NPRBT Fusilier Battalion

NPRBT2 Fusilier Battalion Blanket roll

NPRBT3 Grenadier Battalion

NPRBT4 Landwehr Battalion

NPRBT5 Hussar Regt

NPRBT6 Cuirassier Regt

NPRBT7 Dragoon Regt
Russian 1812-1815

Infantry Kiver  shako

RUS1 March attack
RUS2 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4
RUS3 Advancing, high porte

Infantry in pre-Kiver shako

RUS4 March attack

RUS5 Command

RUS6 Advancing

Grenadiers Kiver shako
RUS10 March attack
RUS11 Advancing, high porte
RUS12 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4


Grenadiers Pre-Kiver shako

RUS13 March Attack

RUS14 Command

RUS15 Advancing

RUS21 Mixed poses MP
RUS25 Command: Officers x2, buglers x2, troopers x4

RUS26 Pre-Kiver shako

RUS 27 Pre-Kiver shako Command

RUS30 Foot artillery crew Kiver shako
RUS31 Foot 10 Pdr guns x2

RUS32 Foot Artillery crew pre-kiver shako

RUS52 Licorne guns

RUS53 Horse Artillery guns

RUS54 Horse Artillery crew

RUS55 Horse Artillery Licorne guns

RUS56 Foot Artillery team x 3 on 6 horses $12

RUS57 Horse Artillery team x 3 on 6 x Horses


Light Cavalry

RUS40 Hussars
RUS41 Hussar command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
RUS44 Uhlan
RUS45 Uhlan command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
RUS46 Chasseur a cheval
RUS47 Chasseur command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
RUS48 Cossacks, sword and lance

Heavy Cavalry
RUS42 Dragoon
RUS43 Dragoon command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper
RUS50 Cuirassier
RUS51 Cuirassier command: Officer, bugler, standard, trooper


Battalion Packs

Normally contain 24 infatry/12 cav figs including flank company and command figs (where applicable). $20

RUSBT1 Infantry Battalion Kiver shako

RUSBT2 Grenadier Battalion Kiver shako

RUSBT3 Hussar Regt

RUSBT4 Uhlan Regt

RUSBT5 Chasseur a Cheval Regt

RUSBT6 Cossack Regt

RUSBT7 Cuirassier Regt

RUSBT8 Dragoon Regt

RUSBT9 Infantry Battalion Pre-Kiver shako

RUSBT10 Grenadier Battalion Pre-Kiver shako


15mm Bavarian 1806-1815


BGS1 Centre company, high porte

BGS2 Flank company, high porte
BGS3 Command: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4
BGS4 Centre company, march attack
BGS5 Flank company, march attack

BGSBT1 Infantry Battalion $20


15mm Casualties

NCS1 Dead horses x4
NCS2 Dead French infantry

NCS3 British casualties

NCS4 Prussian Infantry casualties

NCS5 Cavalryman casualties



Starter armies2 packs each of heavy cavalry, light cavalry, artillery guns and gunners, 4 packs of infantry                                           $68

Brigade armies 3 packs each of heavy and light cavalry, 4 packs of artillery, guns and gunners, 12 packs infantry, 1 pack light infantry, 1 pack generals or staff                                                                 $150

Armies available are:

French 1792-1802
British 1801-1812
Prussian 1792-1807

Prussian 1812-1815
French 182-1815
British 1812-1815

Austrian 1792-1805
Russian 1812-1815


Revolutionary Wars 1793-1802

 Infantry Command Packs: Officers x2, standards x2, drummers x4
Cavalry Command: Buglers x2, troopers x2.


French 1791-1802

FRV1 The Paris mob (unwashed) MP
FRV2 Levee en Mass fusiliers Bleus MP V
FRV3 Fusiliers in Tarleton (Blancs)
FRV4 Infantry command Tarleton Blancs
FRV5 Infantry command Bleus V
FRV6 Fusiliers, Bleus, advancing, high porte V
FRV7 Fusiliers, varied poses MP
FRV8 National/ Swiss Guard
FRV9 Cuirassier (no breast plate)
FRV10 Command for FRV9

FRV11 Enthusiastic Infantry

FRV12 Infantry Firing
FRV13 Fusiliers march attack
FRV14 Hussars
FRV16 Cuirassier, front plate only
FRV17 Officers/ general, mounted
FRV18 Hussar command
FRV19 Cuirassier command
FRV20 Dragoon
FRV21 Dragoon command
FRV22 Chasseur a Cheval
FRV23 Artillerymen

FRV24 Grenadier/Light Infantry advancing

FRV25 Chasseur a Cheval Command

FRV26 Carabiniers a Cheval

FRV27 Chasseur a Cheval Command

FRV28 Consular Guard a Cheval

FRV29 Consular Guard a Cheval Command

FRV30 Mounted Arillery bicorne (3 x riders, 6 x horses) $12

FRV31 Fusiliers in Terleton, advancing

FRV32 Centre Company, bicorne, firing

FRV33 Flank Company, bicornefiring

FRV34 Centre Company, bicorne, marching

FRV35 Flank Company, bicorne, marching

FRV36 Centre Company, bicorne, advancing

Demi Brigades early 1/3 Blancs 2/3 Other chaps

Battalion Packs

Normally contain 24 infatry/12 cav figs including flank company and command figs (where applicable). $20


FRVBT1 Cuirassier Regt (no breastplate)

FRVBT2 Cuirassier Regt, front breastplate

FRVBT3 Hussar Regt

FRVBT4 Dragoon Regt

FRVBT5 Chasseur a Cheval Regt

FRVBT6 Carabinier s Cheval Regt

FRVBT7 Consular Guard Regt

FRVBT8 Les Blancs Tarleton Infantry Regt

FRVBT9 Les Bleus Fusilier Infantry Regt


Prussian 1792-1807

PRU1 Fusilier, advancing
PRU2 Fusilier command
PRU3 Grenadier, advancing
PRU4 Grenadier command
PRU5 Officer/ general, mounted
PRU6 Hussar
PRU7 Dragoon
PRU8 Cuirassier
PRU9 Hussar command
PRU10 Cuirassier command
PRU11 Artillerymen
PRU12 Dragoon command

PRU13 Battalion Infantry guns

PRU14 Fusilier Command

PRU15 Fusilier firing

PRU16 Fusilier advancing

PRU17 Jaeger Command

PRU18 Jaeger, firing

PRU19 Jaeger, advancing

PRU20 Jaeger loading

PRU21 Artillery team (3 x riders, 6 x horses) $12

LAW11 Prussian Ammunition Wagon

LAW7 Prussian Limber


Battalion Packs

Normally contain 24 infatry/12 cav figs including flank company and command figs (where applicable). $20


PRUBT1 Musketeer Battalion

PRUBT2 Grenadier Battalion

PRUBT3 Fusilier Battalion

PRUBT4 Hussar Regt

PRUBT5 Dragoon Battalion

PRUBT6 Cuirassier Regt


Austrian 1792-1805

AHU1 Fusilier, firing
AHU2 Cuirassiers in helmet
AHU3 Fusilier, advancing
AHU4 Fusilier march attack
AHU5 Fusilier command
AHU6 Grenadier march attack
AHU7 Cuirassier command
AHU8 Hussars
AHU9 Grenadier command
AHU10 Lancer/ Uhlan
AHU11 Hussars
AHU12 Officers/ general, mounted
AHU13 Fusilier in helmet, advancing
AHU14 Grenadier, advancing
AHU15 Artillerymen
AHU16 12 Pdr cannon x2
AHU17 6 Pdr cannon x2

AHU18 Howitzers x 2

AHU19 Fusilier, helmet musket across chest

AHU21 Fusilier, helmet, marching

AHU22 Infantry Command, helmet

AHU23 Fusilier, shako, advancing

AHU24 Fusilier, shako, marching

AHU25 Fusilier, shako, command

AHU26 Jaeger/Landwehr, advancing

AHU27 Jaeger/Landwehr, marching

AHU 28 Jaeger/Landwehr Command

AHU29 Artillery team (3 x riders, 6 x horses) $12


Battalion Packs

Normally contain 24 infatry/12 cav figs including flank company and command figs (where applicable). $20

AHUBT1 Fusilier Battalion, shako

AHUBT2 Fusilier Battalion, helmet

AHUBT3 Grenadier Battalion

AHUBT4 Landwehr Battalion



15mm Fantasy



ELF1 King, mounted and lancers x2
ELF2 Magic group of 6 MP
ELF3 Lancers
ELF4 Guard, spear
ELF5 Wood elf, bow
ELF6 Thieves
ELF7 Sprites

ELF8 Elf, bow, armed cavalry
ELF9 Guard, bow
ELF10 Wood elf, spear
ELF11 Elf infantry command

Elven army for ‘Hordes’ – ELF1, ELF2, ELF3 x2, ELF5 x2 ($31.50)


Orcs and Goblins

GOB1 Drummers x2, standard bearer x2, Orcs x4
GOB2 Swarm of bats
GOB3 Wolf riders MP V
GOB4 Wolves x6 MP
GOB5 Goblins, small, unarmoured, mixed, weapons V
GOB9 Spiders, giant x2
GOB10 Trolls
GOB11 Orcs, armoured with standard MP V
GOB12 Orcs, armoured MP V
GOB13 Orcs, unarmoured, mixed weapons V

GOB14 Overseers with whips x6
GOB15 Goblins, winged x6
GOB16 Goblin archers
GOB17 Platform cart: wolves x2, driver, bowman
GOB18 Goblins, winged with trident x6 (these may be useful as Tengu, winged nasties from Japanese myths)

GOB19 Ogre with Club
GOB20 Ogre with
GOB21 Axe armed Ogre with sword


Goblin/ Orc army for ‘Hordes’ – GOB1, 9, 11, 12 and 13 x1, GOB2, 3 and 4 x2, and GOB5 x3 ($73)

Reptilians and Lizardmen

LIZ1 General and standard bearer in giant war turtle ($8.25)
LIZ2 Magicians and cauldron x6
LIZ3 War turtle with crossbow crew x2 ($8.25)
LIZ4 Pterosaur, flying with crossbow rider
CFB3 Pterosaur x2
LIZ5 Lizardmen with sword and shield
LIZ6 Lizardmen with trident
LIZ7 Lizardmen with halberd
LIZ8 Lizardmen with short sword
LIZ9 Lizards, armoured with sword
LIZ10 Dinosaurs with rider x4
LIZ11 Lizards, crossbow armed
LIZ12 Lizards, small, carnivorous x8, with handler
LIZ13 Dinosaurs, armoured, lance armed x4, with armoured rider

Lizard army for ‘Hordes’ – LIZ1, LIZ4-9 x1, LIZ3, 10 x2 ($66)

Skeletons and Undead

EEC1 Necromancers sowing dragons’ teeth
EEC2 Wraiths
EEC3 Chariot: vampire horses x2 MP V
EEC4 Skeletal cavalry on vampire horses
EEC5 Skeletal halberdiers V
EEC6 Skeletal bowmen
EEC7 Skeletal standard bearers and escort V
EEC8 Skeletons, scythe armed V
EEC9 Skeletal swordsmen V
EEC10 Ghouls V

For bats: use GOB2
Undead army for ‘Hordes’ – EEC1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8and 10 x1, GOB2 and EEC4 x2 ($62.50)



RAT1 Command
RAT2 Rats with halberds
RAT3 Rats with spears
RAT4 Rats with swords and shields
RAT4 More rats with swords and shields
RAT5 Bows
RAT6 Blunderbusses
Rat army: RAT1, 6 x1, RAT3 x2, RAT2, 4, 5 x3 ($67.50)


Duck Persons

QAK1 Duck with halberd
QAK2 Duck with sword
QAK3 Duck with sling
QAK4 Duck, young egg guard with sling x12
QAK5 Duck with spear


Semi-historical Egyptians

SHE1 General in sabre tooth tiger Chariot
SHE2 Magicians x6 and cauldron
SHE3 Sabre tooth tiger drawn Chariot, open sides
SHE4 Bowmen, jackal-headed x8
SHE5 Swordsmen, crocodile-headed x8
SHE6 Mummies MP x 6

SHE8 Sabre tooth tiger drawn line battle Chariot

Semi-historical Egyptian army for ‘Hordes’ – SHE1, 2, 3, 4, 5 x1, SHE3 x4 ($41.50)


Chaos Beast Men

CBM1 Snake Heads
CBM2 Cat Heads
CBM3 Croc Heads
CBM4 Hawk Heads


Fantasy Beasts

CFB1 Sabre-toothed tigers x4
CFB2 Plague of frogs
CFB3 Dinosaur, flying
CFB4 Unicorns x4
CFB5 Pegasus x3
CFB6 Bears x4
MIN1 Minotaur with axe x3
CEN1 Centaur with bow x3
CEN2 Centaur with bow, armoured x3

CEN3 Centaur with spear, armoured x3
ALC6 Giant ape
GOB2 Swarm of bats
LYC1 Werewolves
EFS1 Barbarian with random adventurers x7
TBR1 Tree beings, 5 different models (1 per pack)
MMO1 Witches coven, flying
TUS1 Valkyrie warrior maiden on flying horse x3


Wraith Kings

WRK1 Wraith kings on foot with swords x3
WRK2 Wraith kings, mounted x3


Fantasy Humans

 FHM1 Dismounted Wayrider with sword

SBB1 Dwarf knight riding bear x4
SBB2 Foot command
SBB3 Ye hand gunners
SBB5 Blades: swords, axes, halberds
SBB8 Dwarves with crossbows V
SBB9 Dwarf spearpersons, helmets
SBB10 Pike with helmets



HBT1 Halfling command
HBT2 Halflings with swords, some helms, some shields MP V
HBT3 Halflings with bows MP V
HBT4 Halflings with spears
HBT5 Halflings with slings
HBT6 Halflings with farm weapons