The Vikings are Here!

That’s right, Peter Pig’s new Vikings range are in stock, check them out!:



Jez Griffin of Shakespeare Studios

Range 9.

Dark Ages-Vikings

Levy=no armour


Armoured=chainmail + sword
1.Levy spears vertical
2. Levy spearmen; spears up
4. Unarmoured spear horizontal
5. Unarmoured spear up
6.  Unarmoured with hand axe
7. Armoured spear up
8. Armoured spear down
10. Berserkers
11. Archers
12. Monks
13. Armoured axemen
14.High value plunder
15. Generals and heroes
16. Leaders with swords
17. Standard bearers
18.Mounted Vikings
19. A bit dead
20. Really dead
21. Very very dead
22. Female captives
23. Male captives
24. Child captives
25. Captors
26. Javelin skirmishers
27. Carrying loot
28. Markers 1(shieldwall and prowess)

29.  Celtic crosses for search markers 
(pack of 8)

30. Stone markers. Cairns and Stones. (Mark hard scenery) 3 pieces in resin

31. 1/600 Viking ships (x3)

33. Six inch Viking ship. Mast up and decks bare.  Includes steersman mast pieces and figurehead from the choices below. $25

34. Six inch Viking ship. Mast down and rowers moulded in.  Includes steersman, mast stub and figurehead from the choices below. Also includes 16 separate heads to use with the 14 headless rowers. $25






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